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Main initiator in Terengganu's asset & resources development
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TI Properties Sdn. Bhd.

Company Overview

TI Properties Sdn Bhd is the fully owned by a subsidiary of Terengganu Inc and the State Government investment arm. The company was incorporated in 2007 with primary business in asset property and project development. 



At TI Properties, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional property and facility management solutions tailored to the unique needs of corporate clients. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in maximizing the value, efficiency and sustainability of your properties and facilities. 


Our corporate vision is to be recognized as a facility management company for the state and state agencies, consultants and contracting development agents in the properties industries

Our Vision
Main initiator in asset & resources development for the state and agencies in Terengganu.

Our Mission

Developing and maximizing the return of State property, assets and resources as well as to the stakeholders.
Our Values
Providing good quality service and striving to be the best.

Why Choose Us


Guaranteed Growth & Longevity

Comprehensive facility management services for prolonged building life

and usability.


Expert Advise

Skilled team of expert in providing sound and timely advise for proper, efficient and value added property services.


Quality &
Cost Control

Safe, resilient and effective solutions for affordable, reliable, modern and sustainable building applications.

Corporate Value

To achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency in safeguarding the cost of investment while maintaining high returns and good-quality services.

TI Properties Sdn. Bhd.

Board Of Director

YB Ustaz Haji Maliaman Kassim


Encik Mohamad Nordin Mahmood

Board Of Director

Encik Azran Amin

Board Of Director

Encik Muhammad Hanafi
Abdul Aziz @ Hassan

Board Of Director

Management Team

Awasi Mohamad

Chief Executive Officer

YM Raja Zirwatul 'Adawiah
Raja Ibrahim

Acting General Manager

Khairul Nizam
Mohd Yusof

Facility & Property Management

Ir. Mohd Ridzuan
Che Ismail

Engineering & Technical

Farhana Adila
Mohamad Yunus

Corporate Innovation & Strategy

Ahmad Shafiq


Naszila Ramli

Assistant Manager
Account & Finance

Zainab Abdillah

Assistant Manager
Account & Finance

Mohd Kamal Ali

Assistant Manager,
Business Development
Facility & Property Management

Rosli Mohamed Hassan

Assistant Manager, Administration
Human Resource & Compliance

Business Code of Conduct

Business Integrity

Understand our client’s needs and rectify issues honestly and fairly in technical and commercial matters.


Our facility management services ensure the efficient operation of your facilities. We provide safe, clean, and functional setting for your business operations.

Human Capital

We believe that respecting and protecting our employees’ rights play a vital role in our business development

Review & Audit

We oblige to ensure that this business code of conduct is adhered to and complied with by the respective department at all times and to be reviewed and audited to pursue our performance

Health, Safety & Environmental Principles

Leadership' & Employees' Commitment and Accountability

Employees at any job levels in TIP are accountable for compliance with HSE requirements, and achievement of continual improvement objectives applicable to their job functions.  TIP emphasizes on health, safety, and environmental protection of their employees and communities as the top priority.  TIP embraces their responsibility and accountability for the outcome of their operations.

Risk Assessment of
Activities and Processes

The early assessment of the potential impact in their activities on the health and safety of the employees and the environment are TIP’s pre-requisite.  These on going assessments are part of the operational process aimed at reducing and controlling HSE risks.  All operations are conducted in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and other requirements.

Natural Resources, Water & Energy Stewardship

TIP’s goal of reducing wasted resources is achieved by fostering sustainable use of natural resources, efficient use of water, energy and raw materials, and prevention

of pollution.


TIP is prepared for any eventualities that could impact their operations, the health, safety of the employees, communities and environment which they are operating.  Where feasible, TIP shall in its best effort work closely with the local emergency agencies for improvement of their emergency preparedness capabilities.

Vendor & Contractor Relationship

Long-term relationships with vendors and contractors are maintained to ensure their compliance with relevant regulations and TIP’s HSE policies and SOPs.  TIP collaborates with vendors/contractors to provide the best solutions and practices in meeting their resources and regulatory requirements.

Public Information & Influence on Public Policy

TIP promotes open dialogues with the employees and communities that they operate.  TIP works constructively with the government, scientific community and industries, together with public interest groups to help develop sound laws, regulations and guidelines for continuous improvement in the company’s health, safety and environment.

Shariah Compliance Principles

Prohibition of Interest

The Company does not engage in any transaction that involves interest or usury (Riba) in any form.

Prohibition of Uncertainty (Gharar)

The Company does not engage in any transaction that involves uncertainty (Gharar) or speculation.

Prohibition of Speculation (Maisir)

The Company does not engage in any transaction that involves gambling (Maisir) or speculative activities.

Prohibition of Prohibited Activities (Haram)

The Company does not engage in any transaction or activity that is prohibited (Haram) by Shariah law, including but not limited to production, distribution or sale of alcohol, pork products, or any other products that are deemed harmful to human being or illicit in nature.

Compliance with Shariah Guidelines

The Company ensures all its activities and operations would comply with the Shariah principles and guidelines set by the Company’s Shariah committee.

Transparency and Disclosure

The Company provides complete and transparent disclosure of its financial transactions and activities, including the disclosure of any potential Shariah non-compliance issues.

Risk Management Control

The Company at all times identifies, measures, monitors, reports and controls any risk related to Shariah non-compliance in its business dealing.

Business Sustainability Framework

Five key areas of concern which are smartly guided by our internal Business Sustainability Framework.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

  • Promote wellness and prevent illness at workplace.
  • Reduce risks and prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities.
  • Minimize the impact of operations on the environment and comply with regulations.

Human Capital Development

Ensuring our employees are provided with the best respective knowledge through training, courses and education.


Ensuring that our products and services are provided at acceptable and reasonable market prices.


We express our commitment that our products and services provided to our clients meet and conform to the client’s standard and requirement.

Shareholder Value

Sustaining the profitability of the company through budgeting and project costing while keeping our dedication and commitment to the quality standard.

Core Business

Our Core Business Is An Investment Agent For The Government & Agency, Project Development Partner, Project Management Consultant (PMC), Operation Manager & Quarry Operator.

Current Business Activities

Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge

Managing & Operating The Iconic Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge

Breath in the fresh air and take in discerning panoramic view of Kuala Terengganu life through the glass of the aloft walkways.

THE FIRST ever built 76-meter bascule on the tower bridge.  Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge is the most iconic structure in Terengganu. It is the  first of it’s kind in Malaysia and South East Asia.

This unique structure will usher to a new era of commercial activities and enhancing the growth of economy in Terengganu.

For further information regarding the iconic drawbridge, visit Terengganu Drawbridge official website at


Quarry owned by PTB Tebing Tembah, Mukim Kuala Paka, Dungun, Terengganu.

The quarry at Tebing Tembah, Paka, Dungun, is part of TI Properties Sdn Bhd main business activities. It is strategically located by the river bank of Kuala Paka, Dungun, approximately 58 kilometers away from Kemaman Supply Base and fronting the South China Sea, making it a strategic location for support granite supply.

Inherited with huge reserves of mineral sources of granite in Terengganu, TI Properties Sdn Bhd has the privilege to explore and develop the existing sources of granite identified in the Dungun district.

With the rapid demand for development activities especially in Terengganu, TI Properties is ready to be one of the major granite supplies ensuring continuous supply at a very competitive price. 

The quarry is equipped with jetty facility for barge and vessel loading and unloading activities.

Kerteh Terengganu Industrial Park

Project Development Partner

TI Properties Sdn Bhd has been awarded a contract to develop the proposed privatization of Kuala Terengganu Industrial Park in the Kerteh region, Kemaman.  Covering an area of 868 acres, it has the potential for Steel & Non-Ferrous Metals Industry, Clean Technology & Renewable Energy, Petrochemical Industry, Research & Development, Electrical & Electronic Energy and Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing.

Industrial Facilities

The park provides industrial facilities. These facilities are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries, including petrochemical productions, oil refining, gas processing and related downstream activities.


Petrochemical Hub

KTIP serves as a hub for petrochemical an oil and gas industries.

KTIP has a well-developed infrastructure, including road networks, utilities, telecommunications, and waste management facilities. These components ensure smooth operations for industrial companies within the park. 

The industrial park is situated along the East Coast Expressway, providing convenient access to major transportation routes. 

Our Offer

Asset Development

Facility Engineering & Maintenance Services

  • Green Technology Solution
  • Waste Management Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Fleet Management And Vehicle Maintenance Services
  • Landscaping And Ground Maintenance Services
  • Linen And Laundry Services
  • Security Services
  • Parking Service

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