TI Properties Sdn Bhd (TIPSB) embrace the spirit of unity and celebration as it marked the joyous occasion of Aidilfitri with its Board of Directors, Stakeholders, Business Partners, Clients and Employees, for the very first time. The event was held on 14 May 2023, was a resounding success, bringing together to commemorate this significant Muslim celebration. […]


TI Properties celebrated Eid Mubarak with locals and ‘perantau’ who had returned to their hometown during this festive season. Drawbridge Berhari Raya was celebrated on 24 April with an enticing package for visitors. The opening of the Drawbridge “bascule” was one of the most intriguing gimmicks. It was an excellent opportunity for the public to […]


Ramadan is the month for all Muslims to seize the opportunity to help those in need. TI Properties participated in charitable activities during Ramadan by organizing a few events throughout the holy month. On 13 April, TI Properties kick off the charitable effort by hosting a staff iftar session with 30 children from Madrasah Tahfiz […]

Earth Hour, Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge Goes Dark For One Hour

26 March 2023, in support to the Earth Hour campaign ‘Invest On Our Planet’, the lights along the Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge has been switched off from 8.30pm – 9.30pm. Earth Hour is a global campaign that unites communities around the world to protect the planet by encouraging people to turn off their lights for one […]

TIP Distributed 1000 packs of Bubur Lambuk At The Iconic Tower

Welcoming the glorious month, TI Properties has fulfilled its CSR by distributing 1000 pack of Bubur Lambuk for the first time at Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge on 22 March 2023. This activity was led by the newly appointed CEO, Mr Awasi Mohamad together with all TIPSB staff.  It was distributed to all the road users, Foodbank […]

Kempen Derma Darah Great Hopes

In celebration of National Blood Donor Month, TI Properties Sdn Bhd had organized Kempen Derma Darah Great Hopes on 21 January 2023 at Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge, in collaboration with Tabung Darah HSNZ with the support from our strategic partners and sponsors, McDonald, Harold’s Bread, Gpharmax Pharmacy, Angkatan Pertahanan Awam, Persatuan Orang-Orang Cacat Penglihatan Islam Malaysia […]

Misi Bantuan Kemanusiaan Mangsa Banjir TIPSB Great Hopes

Disember 2022, beberapa buah negeri di pantai Timur ditimpa bencana banjir yang telah menyebabkan kehilangan harta benda dan nyawa. Beberapa buah kampung bertempat di Ajil turut tidak terkecuali dari musibah banjir.  Dengan keprihatinan TI Properties Sdn Bhd (TIPSB), syarikat ini telah berjaya menjalankan Tanggungjawab Sosial Korporat (CSR) yang pertama pada tahun 2023 dengan mengadakan Misi […]